San Francisco

Best Parks & Trails In San Francisco For A Nature Lover’s Bucket List

San Francisco is surrounded by some of the best national and local parks, trails, walk paths, lakes, camping and biking paths. Whether you are looking for a short easy walk, a rugged mountain bike path or a hiking trail to test your endurance, San Francisco’s diversity of parks and trails is sure make it to your bucket list. Some of the city’s best park and hiking places to visit are San Francisco Bay and San Francisco Botanical Garden. We’ve also included a list of our favorites for your bucket list below.

Best Tours To Do In San Francisco For Awesome Bucket List Ideas For Everyone

The list of the best tours to do in San Francisco is long and vastly diversified. If your time is limited and you want to make the best of it, there are a few essential tours you ought to consider. From tours with kids and families to tours for couples, we’ve put together a bucket list of ideas that includes classic tours in the area like San Francisco Movie Tours, Wild SF Walking Tours, and Vantigo Tours that are sure to entertain new and old visitors alike.

Best Sights & Landmarks To See In San Francisco For Bucket List Ideas With Family

Beyond traditional attractions San Francisco has many sights and landmark, natural playgrounds, historical landmarks, and beautiful landscapes. It is no wonder visitors find it difficult to see them all. The city has many different things to see, for family fun or just traveling solo, you can spend your entire day perusing the city’s cache of sights. Some of the San Francisco’s best museums to see when looking for major attractions are Golden Gate Bridge and Balmy Alley Murals. And, like always we’ve got a list of our favorites for your bucket list below.

Best Outdoor Activities To Do In San Francisco For An Outdoorsy Bucket List Of Ideas

San Francisco has got some of the best riding, rafting, climbing, golf and cycling, bird and wildlife watching. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned outdoor junkie, San Francisco makes exploring the outdoors easy. If you are craving some fun, don’t worry, city limits are just lines on a map. From Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours to Golden Gate Promenade and even Ocean Beach, it’s time to start ticking the things below off your bucket list.

Best Concerts And Shows In San Francisco To Check Off Your Music Bucket List

San Francisco is a great city to gear up and go to a concert or show, whether you are looking for a live-music venue or low-key concert, you will not be disappointed. No matter what genre or what age you are, there’s a concert, show or great music somewhere awaiting you. from SFJazz Center to San Francisco Ballet and even San Francisco Opera, there’s certain to be a show to catch your eyes. Here are just a few of the many concerts and shows locations to check off on your bucket list.

Best Shopping Places To Go In San Francisco For Bucket List Ideas For Women

Shop till you drop at the best shopping malls in San Francisco. You’ll find great shopping with many leading stores, outdoor spaces, clothing stores, candy, ice cream, jewelry, toys, hair salons and much more. Whether you’re in search of serious retail therapy or looking to satisfy an eclectic craving we’ve got the shopping mall list for you. Some of the best shopping malls are Union Square and Ghirardelli Square along with many others below that are considered terrific ideas for your bucket list.

Best Restaurants In San Francisco For Bucket List Of Foodie Ideas

San Francisco’s restaurant scene is in a state of perpetual change with restaurants that span a myriad of cuisines, tastes and histories, which collectively will satisfy all of your restaurant needs. Whether they’ve just hung to open sign, are a local standby, or have a stand-out dish, these best restaurant spots are for those who love to eat. A couple of the city’s best restaurant are Blue Bottle Cafe and Kokkari Estiatorio Restaurant along with the many other below we’ve included for your bucket list.

Best Nightlife Activities To Do In San Francisco For Bucket List Ideas With Friend

San Francisco nightlife offers an endless number of things to do during the evenings, whether it’s a quiet evening drink with your special someone or dancing the night away with friends, you’ve got an abundance of entertainment options. San Francisco’s vibrant nightlife includes numerous places to list to music, bars, discos and nightclubs. Some of the best nightlife happens at the Starlight Room and Smuggler’s Cove along with several other good choices listed below, all are excellent ideas for your bucket list.

Best Museums & Art Galleries In San Francisco For Bucket List Ideas On Weekends

San Francisco has a thriving art scene with impressive collection of classic and contemporary exhibits. Whether you are searching for a weekend trip or family vacation, San Francisco’s got a load of unique and interesting museums and art galleries that will inspire countless of hours of enjoyment, you will never be bored. Some of the city’s best museums to see when looking for major attractions are Asian Art Museum and Walt Disney Family Museum. Plus, here we’ve put down a list of our favorites museum ideas for your bucket list.

10 Bargain Thrift Stores In San Francisco Filled With Hidden Riches

Whether you’re looking for vintage pieces, second hand clothing, shoes, housewares, the streets of San Francisco has a thrift shop for every fanatic where there is always more to discover while saving a few bucks. Every neighborhood in the city is peppered with its own selection of shops. Browse through the list of the best thrift stores in the city and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

150 Best Things To Do In San Francisco

There is a stuff to do in SF and even things going on in San Francisco today! So grab your trolley ticket because has a lot of places to go to in San Francisco and plenty of fun stuff to do in SF too! From cheap fun things to do in SF like visiting Golden Gate Promenade or Lyon Street Steps.