Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Chesapeake For An Outdoorsy Bucket List Of Ideas

Chesapeake has got some of the best riding, rafting, climbing, golf and cycling, bird and wildlife watching. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned outdoor junkie, Chesapeake makes exploring the outdoors easy. If you are craving some fun, don’t worry, city limits are just lines on a map. From Chesapeake Sports Park to Cedar Point Golf and Country Club and even Sandbridge Beach, it’s time to start ticking the things below off your bucket list.

Best Parks & Trails In Chesapeake For A Nature Lover’s Bucket List

Chesapeake is surrounded by some of the best national and local parks, trails, walk paths, lakes, camping and biking paths. Whether you are looking for a short easy walk, a rugged mountain bike path or a hiking trail to test your endurance, Chesapeake’s diversity of parks and trails is sure make it to your bucket list. Some of the city’s best park and hiking places to visit are Great Bridge Lock Park and Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve. We’ve also included a list of our favorites for your bucket list below.

Best Classes & Workshops To Take In Chesapeake For A Learning Bucket List

Whether you want to take up cooking, floral design, pottery, photography, or mastering painting, we’ve found some of the best Chesapeake classes and workshops to satisfy just about every artistic desire. You would have never guessed, it’s possible to better yourself and learn something new all while enjoying an awesome workshop. Self-improvement never felt so great! Leave the lame tourists traps behind and start looking taking a class like Paint Nite, Glazenfyre, or one of the great workshop ideas for your bucket list when you visit.

Best Sights & Landmarks To See In Chesapeake For Bucket List Ideas With Family

Beyond traditional attractions Chesapeake has many sights and landmark, natural playgrounds, historical landmarks, and beautiful landscapes. It is no wonder visitors find it difficult to see them all. The city has many different things to see, for family fun or just traveling solo, you can spend your entire day perusing the city’s cache of sights. Some of the Chesapeake’s best museums to see when looking for major attractions are Ocean View Fishing Pier and Hickory Ridge Farm. And, like always we’ve got a list of our favorites for your bucket list below.

Best Boating & Water Activities To Do In Chesapeake For A Wet Bucket List Of Ideas

If you are looking for a new way to have fun on the water, you’ll find it here in Chesapeake. Whether you are interested in boating, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, stand-up-paddleboard, kayaking, rafting, jet skis or water skis, there are many ways to have fun in or on the water. Some of the Chesapeake’s best water sports attractions are Rudee Inlet Stand Up Paddle, Great White Water Sports as well as Finao Sportfishing. We’ve listed below some of the most exciting water sports activities you should check off on your bucket list.

Best Restaurants In Chesapeake For Bucket List Of Foodie Ideas

Chesapeake’s restaurant scene is in a state of perpetual change with restaurants that span a myriad of cuisines, tastes and histories, which collectively will satisfy all of your restaurant needs. Whether they’ve just hung to open sign, are a local standby, or have a stand-out dish, these best restaurant spots are for those who love to eat. A couple of the city’s best restaurant are Jasmine Thai and Black Pelican along with the many other below we’ve included for your bucket list.

Best Museums & Art Galleries In Chesapeake For Bucket List Ideas On Weekends

Chesapeake has a thriving art scene with impressive collection of classic and contemporary exhibits. Whether you are searching for a weekend trip or family vacation, Chesapeake’s got a load of unique and interesting museums and art galleries that will inspire countless of hours of enjoyment, you will never be bored. Some of the city’s best museums to see when looking for major attractions are Virginia Museum of Contemporary Arty and Hunter House Victorian Museum. Plus, here we’ve put down a list of our favorites museum ideas for your bucket list.

Best Nightlife Activities To Do In Chesapeake For Bucket List Ideas With Friend

Chesapeake nightlife offers an endless number of things to do during the evenings, whether it’s a quiet evening drink with your special someone or dancing the night away with friends, you’ve got an abundance of entertainment options. Chesapeake’s vibrant nightlife includes numerous places to list to music, bars, discos and nightclubs. Some of the best nightlife happens at the VA Live Entertainment and Eagles Nest Rockin Country Bar along with several other good choices listed below, all are excellent ideas for your bucket list.

Best Games Activities In Chesapeake For Bucket List Ideas With Kids

Chesapeake has its fair share of facades, videos, escape rooms, pool tables, bars with games, and many other fun games activities to do in this city. From escape rooms to bars with games and hoops, we have surveyed the city to find the best gaming options for when you visit. Some of the city’s best gaming places are Chilled Ponds and Greenbrier Family Skating Center. But, don’t forget to checkout the many others for your bucket list.